About Stayhome.mu

Stayhome.mu aims to create an online selling platform where all types of
retailers can create their own webstore within a large “digital mall”so as to
adapt to the new challengers and need of today’s society. Stayhome.mu is
not only meant to offer an online selling platform but be a complete logistic
center to help people either buy and sell their products efficiently.


Stayhome Sale and Logistic Support Platform

The platform is made flexible so as to support any type of retailers, if you
already own your delivery services and policies, you may use them on your
store at your own rates. In case you are don't have the proper logistic to
cover the whole island, we have a ready solution to assist you as well.


Stayhome Delivery Solutions for Sellers

With the new challengers of 2020, the need for secure and efficient home
deliveries has become more than necessary. Unfortunately this requires
time, capitals and logistics to set-up. We are presently working to bring the
best solution in terms of cost and convenience point to point delivery, pick
up and delivery points with partners.